I am sure you have questions. I will answer some of the more frequently asked ones here.


Are you legally ordained in NC? 

I am legally ordained in ALL 50 states because I am not some internet preacher but a Baptist Minister with a REAL brick and mortar church. I have chosen to make weddings and the union of souls my full time ministry, but don't worry...just because I am a Baptist Minister doesn't mean you have to be Baptist or even a Christian. I am truly a non-denominational Wedding Minister. As I said my calling is the matrimonial union of hearts and souls, not preaching in the conventional sense. 

What types of ceremonies do you perform?

Any type you want really. I can do everything from serious and devout spiritual to fun and laid back romantic. ( I even did a Star Trek themed wedding which was uber cool!) My specialty though is infusing humor into my ceremonies where appropriate. I have been told I am a pretty funny guy....despite the occasional eye rolls by my wife lol.  Bottom line it is your wedding so it is all about what you want.

So how do we choose a ceremony? Is there a list of examples?

No. I cannot give you a list because each and every ceremony I perform is unique to that couple. What I do is find out what you want and build a ceremony from there. Then i email you a .doc version of it for you to review and make changes. Once it is emailed back to me I create a final draft and we are ready to go.

Where do I get the marriage licence?

The Registrar of Deeds 

Do you perform same sex marriages?

Why yes...Yes I do!

So you are LGBT friendly?

Without getting into a whole religious lecture on this subject I would like to make my position known.  I have seen many people quote Leviticus 20:13 which says (paraphrasing) if a man lies with another man it is detestable...Ok fine if you are a believer in ONLY the Old Testament and take everything in it as  literal. Me? I tend to subscribe to to some of the teachings of the new testament where it says that we are not to judge others, and the old law is replaced by love and compassion. (again paraphrasing). So yes I am LGBT friendly because Lord knows I am not in any position to judge anyone! (Just ask my wife..she judges me six ways from Tuesday. lol)

Do you offer any premarital counselling?

While that is not my forte, I have been told my ability to give good, and reasonable advice is pretty spot on. That being said i will always help in any way I can and if I cannot I will point you in the direction of someone that can.

We don't have a wedding coordinator. Can you help us with that?

Absolutely! I know just about every vendor in Eastern NC and I can set you up with one that will fit your particular taste and style well. I can also help you coordinate your wedding day if you so desire. I offer onsite wedding coordination as a service.

So can you really be my wedding officiant and my DJ too?

THAT is where I shine. As your wedding minister I will perform the ceremony custom crafted by me, and play music for the processional and recessional as well as provide microphones for readers and/or singers. As your DJ I will play the music you like and MC the whole event like a rock star. It is truly a unique experience you nor your guests will ever forget! You may think this is a lot to handle for one person but I have support and we are professionals so don't try this at home.....unless you're getting married at home in which case I wholeheartedly encourage it. We also offer packages including Video and photography as well. Check out our sister company Crystalmagicdj.com

Lastly...Coke or Pepsi?

Actually truth be told I prefer RC Cola. (In a glass bottle of course!)

So there you have it boys and girls. If you have any other questions that I did not cover here feel free to call me anytime at